H-1B visa issue Headlines Local Update Political News 

Indian companies focus on investment: H-1B visa issue on US | Current Trending News

H-1B visa issue The US has said on the H-1B issue that we value the investment of Indian companies. Also, seek a strong economic relation between the US and India. A few days ago Arun Jaitley talked with his American Counterpart Steven Nuchen on the H-1B visa. External Affairs spokesperson Mark Toner said, “We want relations between India and America to be stronger in the field of business.” Toneer was asked about the H-1B visa review and the impact it had on Indian companies. Toner said, “We are grateful to…

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syria chemical weapon attack-usa Headlines Local Update Political News 

Use of Chemical Weapons to pay a heavy price to Syria : US

Syria chemical weapon attack America has once again warned Syria. US Defense Minister Jim Matisse said, “If Syria uses chemical weights again, it will have to pay a heavy price.” It also said that America’s top priority is to defeat ISIS in Syria. Let us know that on 7th April, the United States targeted 59 Symphony Airbase and fired 59 missiles. Matisse said, “On April 4, the Syrian government attacked its own people with chemical Weapons, I personally reviewed the Intelligence, there is no doubt that the Syrian government is…

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US deploys anti-missile defence system Headlines Local Update Political News 

US deploys anti-missile defence system due to threat from NKorea | Current Trending News

US deploys anti-missile defence system America has deployed anti-ballistic missile defence systems in South Korea. US Pacific Command provided the information. North Korea had fired 4 missiles on Monday. Japan had said that 3 Missile Sea of Japan fell in Japan. After North Korea’s missile launch, tension has increased once more.The US said, “The deployment of the anti-ballistic missile has been done under the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Thad) system.” The Pacific Command reported that US-South Korea will face the North Korean threat by deploying missile systems. It has…

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f-16 fighter plane1 Headlines Local Update 

India ready to manufacture Fighter plane F-16 | Current Trending News

F-16 Fighter Plane American F-16 fighter planes to India Administration will decide the trump. US defense firm Lockheed Martin F-16 plane in India wants to build on the project’s production. But according to the company, at present, the proposal would trump the Administration to look fresh. Administration of these measures could interrupt production in India plane. Please tell the Obama administration had agreed to give India the F-16 fighter jets. Indeed, the US is moving toward 5th generation aircraft. There, Texas-based Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Fort Worth plant…

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Donald Trump Fact Headlines Local Update 

6 facts about Donald Trump Life, you must know | Current Trending News

  Donald Trump Fact Hello Friends, Today I give you some amazing stuff about Donald trump personal life habit. Donald trump is united state of America’s 45th   President and currently live in the Whitehouse. US media quoted sources of the White House several interesting facts about Trump recently issued. They were told that a soft towel after Trump was kindled. They like to see the dollar strengthening at 3 am one morning, officials had put the phone, but the phone was out, instead he made a call to someone else….

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white house-trump Headlines Political News 

If you do not like trump policy than leave the job : White House officials said

White House The White House on Wednesday, US officials have been harsh message. It said that the officer did not agree with the policies of President Donald Trump to step down. At the same time openly opposed to dismiss officers became furious pace. Attorney General and Chief of Immigration already has been dismissed. Democrat members of the Senate Financial Committee confirmation of the Trump nominate two ministers boycotted. Health Minister Stephen Munishan Tom Price and then finance minister stopped the confirmation process. Democrats said: “The price of shares of the…

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Headlines Political News 

Trump to become president of India 3 advantages, disadvantages remain in PAK: Expert

Donald Trump said on Friday sworn in as America’s 45th president. His foreign policy is not yet clear. However, experts believe that will improve their administration and the US relationship with India. It would benefit India. During the election campaign, the true friend of India and the Hindus have told the White House. Experts believe that they can take a tough stance on Pakistan, which India can benefit. Modi’s fan On October 16, 2016 Trump said, “I am excited to work with Narendra Modi. He has worked with the bureaucracy…

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