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WHAT NEXT: President of your choice can be made BJP, will be strong in Rajya Sabha

presidential election After the assembly elections results of five states, seats in the Rajya Sabha will change the math. So far, BJP had to face difficulties in passing several bills due to lack of numbers in the upper house, but after coming to UP and UP in Uttarakhand, the number of MPs in the Rajya Sabha will increase in the next one year. Not only this, he will be able to win the candidacy of his choice in the presidential election in July this year. 1) How much impact on…

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US deploys anti-missile defence system due to threat from NKorea | Current Trending News

US deploys anti-missile defence system America has deployed anti-ballistic missile defence systems in South Korea. US Pacific Command provided the information. North Korea had fired 4 missiles on Monday. Japan had said that 3 Missile Sea of Japan fell in Japan. After North Korea’s missile launch, tension has increased once more.The US said, “The deployment of the anti-ballistic missile has been done under the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Thad) system.” The Pacific Command reported that US-South Korea will face the North Korean threat by deploying missile systems. It has…

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