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America gives evidence, then we are ready to eliminate the Haqqani network’s bases

Haqqani network

Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif has said that if the US gives evidence, then we are ready to do a joint military campaign to end the terrorist organization Haqqani network with him. Explain that Pakistan has given evidence of a tough attitude against the terror group for shelter in the country, when US President Donald Trump has made his stand very hard on this issue and has also warned Pakistan about it.

Khwaja Asif also said that Pakistan Army Chief, General Kamar Javed Bajwa, gave similar offer to Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani during Kabul’s visit. Let me tell you that the news came just a few days ago that Trump would send US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Minister Jim Matisse to Pakistan this month. Both of these top US officials will give tough government instructions to the Pak government on terror hideouts.

haqqani network - khvaza
haqqani network – khvaza

What is the Haqqani network?

Haqqani network is a terrorist organization. In Afghanistan, it is working against American interests. This group has carried out many incidents of kidnappings and attacks in the last few years. This organization is also working against Indian interests in Afghanistan.

Haqqani network’s hand in attacks against India

The Haqqani network attacked the Indian mission in Kabul in 2008, in which 58 people were killed. The United States had said that Haqqani Network, who are seeking shelter in Pakistan, is collaborating with the Taliban in Afghanistan. In June this year, there was an attack in Kabul’s VVIP area. In this 21 people were killed while about 400 were injured. The charge of the attack was only on the Haqqani network. The special thing is that in the area where this attack took place, there are indigenous people of India, France, Japan and Turkey.

Trump had given to Pak in August

Trump gave direct warning to Pakistan on August 21 this year. In his speech in the name of the country, Trump said, “People in Pakistan are suffering from terrorism, but today Pakistan is safe for terrorists. If Pakistan continues to cooperate with terrorist organizations, we will not be silent on this.”

haqqani network - donald trump
haqqani network – donald trump

“Pakistan has benefited a lot by joining our efforts in Afghanistan, we continued to send Pakistan to billions of dollars, at the same time they also became a hideout of terrorists, so now it will help us eliminate the terrorists. Now the time has come. Pakistan showed its commitments in the fight against terrorism. ”

While addressing the country from Arlington’s Fort Meyer Military Base, Trump informed about the US strategy regarding Afghanistan and South Asia. At the same time, he also warned Pakistan.



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