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Gujarat Rajya Sabha Election Result Declared | Check It Out…

Gujarat Rajya Sabha Election Result

Election Commission Started Counting Vote at midnight 11:30 PM and Declared 2 vote of Congress illegal. Delay of This vote Counting Is because of this 2 votes. Total 176  votes are available, But 2 Votes declared illegal so now battle is begun in 174 votes between 4 Person.

Congress leader Ahmed Patel again proved that the real Chanakya of Gujarat’s politics are those. Despite the rebellion of 14 Congress MLAs out of 57, they have been elected to the Rajya Sabha for the fifth time in a row. Patel got 44 votes and Balwant Singh of BJP got 38 votes. Patel was constantly alleging that Amit Shah was taking personal interest in defeating him.

The controversy over voting in Gujarat’s three Rajya Sabha seats has reached the EC on Tuesday. Congress complained to the commission that two of its MLAs voted for BJP and showed their votes publicly. Therefore, their votes can be canceled. The BJP leaders also reached the Commission to protest the Congress’s complaint. Both parties reached EC office three times and kept their point. Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia said that we had requested that the Congress, BJP and the election officer should meet the video, in which two MLAs are showing their voices openly. But BJP opposed our demand. Let us know that the eyes of Gujarat are about Ahmed Patel’s election. Suspense is on the fact that due to the current equation, will Ahmed Patel, political advisor to Sonia Gandhi be elected to the Rajya Sabha or not?

The Congress had alleged that two legislators of Shankar Singh Vaghela group Raghavji Patel and Bholabhai Gohil showed him BJP agent while casting their vote. On this, Congress’s Shakti Singh Gohil objected and demanded to cancel the vote. It is being claimed that these are the two MLAs who have given cross voting in favor of the BJP.

Because of this, the votes were stopped after the counting began. Later, the State Election Commission rejected the Congress demand and reached the Election Commission Commission.


gujarat rajya sabha election result
gujarat rajya sabha election result

What has happened so far? Understand this:

10:06 PM: Three Congress leaders Randeep Surjewala, Rajiv Shukla and RPN Singh reached for EC three times.

9:56 PM: According to ANI News Agency, the Election Commission officials have refused to meet the Congress and BJP for the third time from the delegation.

9:24 pm: The BJP leader reached the Election Commission office for the third time. However, they did not get the officials of Election commission. On this occasion, Piyush Goyal said – It is a shame that the Congress is involved in it. Congress allegations are totally baseless.

9:12 pm: Election commissioned a video of two Congress MLAs voting while casting their votes.

9:11 pm: Congress leader RPN Singh and Randeep Surjewala left for Election Commission Office for the third time.

8:35 pm: BJP leader came out of EC

8:05 pm: The leaders of both parties again in the Election Commission.

8:00 PM: BJP leader reaches EC This time also Arun Jaitley, Ravi Shankar Prasad, MA Naqvi, Nirmala Sitharaman, Piyush Goyal leader reached. Ravi Shankar Prasad said that Congress is starting a wrong tradition. Their allegations are totally baseless.

7:50 pm: The Congress leader reached the EC office to keep his plea twice in two hours.

– P Chidambaram said: “We met the Election Commission, the Election Commission should watch this video, two Congress MLAs voted for their candidate, in this case the example of Haryana is in the case. Returning Officer is just a general officer. This matter should be seen at the top level of the Election Commission. ”

Rajya Sabha election in Gujarat | Cong MLA Cross-Votes | Close Contest for Ahmed Patel

– “Congress is demanding that the votes of two MLAs be canceled, BJP is misrepresenting, the votes of the first two MLAs should be rejected, then counting should be started.”

– “EC should reject these valet papers because it did so in June 2016 in Haryana.”

7:30 PM: Ravi Shankar Prasad said that this is the frustration of the Congress. He has appealed to start the commissioning immediately from the Election Commission.

7:15 pm: After the controversy grew, BJP also reached the Election Commission. Delegation of BJP included Arun Jaitley, Ravi Shankar Prasad, MA Naqvi, Nirmala Sitharaman, Piyush Goyal and Dharmendra Pradhan.

– Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the Congress, which is objecting to the two votes, were in the morning. There was no objection at that time. Later, when it was felt that the defeat was over, the Election commission arrived.

– Prasad said that this is the frustration of the Congress. He has appealed to start the commissioning immediately from the Election Commission.

6:30 PM: Congress leader arrived in EC According to the news agency ANI, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala and RPN Singh approached the Election Commission and both the Congress demanded the cancellation of votes of MLA. Later Surjevala told the media – this is happening in the presence of Amit Shah.

– RPN Singh said this election should be stopped and video footage should be stopped. We appeal to the Election Commission to save democracy. Now see what they decide? Anand Sharma said that the votes of two legislators of Shankar Singh Vaghela can be canceled.

gujarat rajya sabha election result 1
gujarat rajya sabha election result 1

What are the equations?

– BJP President Amit Shah, Union Minister Smriti Irani from three Rajya Sabha seats in Gujarat, Balwant Singh Rajput candidate who left the Congress, is a Rajput candidate. Sonia Gandhi’s Advisor Ahmed Patel is the Candidate of Sonia Gandhi from Congress.

– Congress had 57 MLAs in Gujarat 6 MLAs left the Congress To save manipulation, the Congress had taken 44 of its 51 MLAs to Bangalore. 7 MLAs did not go to Bengaluru.

– 44 Congress MLAs returned to Gujarat on Monday Voting started on Tuesday morning. But it is being told that 7 Congress MLAs have given cross voting. A NCP MLA also went against the party whip and supported the BJP.

Ahmed Patel needs 45 votes to win the elections. In such a situation, there is suspense on their election.

– BJP has 121 votes. Amit Shah and Smriti Irani win with 45-45 votes. But, the third candidate, Rajput, has only 31 votes. They need 14 votes to win and If cross voting was affected in Congress, Rajput’s road would be easy and Patel’s path would be difficult.


who said what?

1) Confidence of victory: Ahmed Patel

– Ahmed Patel, Political Advisor of Sonia Gandhi, who contested for the fifth time in the Rajya Sabha elections, said, “When I believe in victory, the party also believes that we are going to win. We are awaiting the results.

– On the cross voting of Vaghela and his supporters, he said, “It does not make any difference.

– Let him know that Patel also said on Monday that the Congress has 16 extra votes.

2) I did not vote for Congress: Vaghela

– Vaghela, who was in Congress for 19 years, after voting here said, “I have not voted in favor of Congress because Ahmed Patel will not win.” So there is no point in wasting the vote. We have heard complaints of legislators of Gujrish many times, but it is unfortunate that they did not listen to us. Of the 44 Congress MLAs who are relying on, four or five of them will not vote in support of the party.

3) Digvijay reminds Kshatriya Dharma

– Digvijay Singh said that I had appealed as a friend that Kshatriya is a religion, should not be cheated. Play Kshatriya Dharma. Ahmed Patel Sahab is friends, do not cheat them. I am sorry that Shankarsinh Vaghela did not perform Kshatriya Dharma.

4) What did the legislators who have voted for cross voting?

– Congress MLA Raghavji Patel said, “I voted for Balwant Singh Rajput.” I would like to be in politics but not in Congress. There are 2 parties in Gujarat – BJP and Congress. If I am not in Congress then you can understand that Which party am I? ”

NCP MLA ML Kandal Jadeja said, “We had cleansed all the things yesterday and everything will be known in the evening.” Kandal had also met Amit Shah before voting.



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