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What is Ransomware ? Its Effect and How to prevent Your Data from that virus


Ranaswamkar, who called for ransom by locking down the computer, has reached ‘Vanacrai’ in more than 150 countries of the world. Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of India on Monday issued an alert to banks asking them to keep the software update of ATM, as RanSaware has attacked the payment system worldwide. According to reports, most of the ATMs in India are running on the older versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system and are extremely insecure for such cyber attacks. There are 2.2 million ATMs in the country and most of the older version Windows XP is being used.

RBI has asked banks to follow the instructions of the Government Organization CERT-In (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team). According to the reports, around 70% of ATMs in India are using outdated software. So it is easier to target them. Windows XP is most affected by RanSamware. This is the 70% ATM in India. However, after the attack, Microsoft has issued XP security patches.


The RanSware virus takes the ATM in the maintenance mode and forces the notes to be exhausted. The world’s largest ATM maker, NCR Corp, had warned Indian banks about this dangerous virus a month ago.

There are information on RanSware attack in some computers of the other institutes along with the police department in Maharashtra. Four computers of Panchayat office in Wayanad, Kerala and West Midnapore in West Bengal also have reports of this virus attack at 4 places of the state electricity distribution company’s computers.

The first version was not broken, now the threat of another attack

According to European Union Police Europeol, more than 2.27 million computers have been locked. Experts have not been able to break the first version so far and now another attack is also expected. UK’s security researcher ‘Malware Tech’ said, “The second attack can happen. Any other version can come, which we will not be able to stop.” Malware Tech had previously helped reduce the speed of the attack. According to Europolli, even though 2 lakh computers worldwide are locked, but the number of people who have ransom is very small.

RBI and NPCI alerts

Indian Government has alerted the RBI, Stock Market and NPCI. In this regard, cyber security arm of the government has issued ‘Doz and Doots’ to these agencies and has instructed to take full measures to stop any incidents like data leaks.

CERT-In has issued the most recent red alert. There is danger of attacks on institutes related to infrastructure, including defense, power, telecom, airport, banking, stock market, school. Once a virus is attacked on one computer, the entire local area network will be in its possession.


According to official sources, “The government has arranged to deal with the situation, CERT-In has asked people not to ransom, even though no major case of cyber attack has come to this day.”

Do the first thing by reaching the office

Check that the patch of anti virus and Windows updates in the computer. If the suspicious links appear in the e-mail, do not click. Do not open or download such attachments. Use only by scanning the pan drive.

If the virus has been attacked then do it

If the virus starts running, first remove the network cable, so that the second computer in the office is not infected. Shut down the computer immediately.

Ransomware solution

Stay Alert …


Do not open suspicious or phishing emails

Do not open e-mails from strangers. Delete junk e-mail without opening it. Open Compass or MS Word file with caution. Do not open suspicious files. Avoid such websites as well.

Keep backing up

If regular data is backed up, then the ransomware can recover the affected files too.

Do not pay ransom even when locked

Do not ransack the hacker even if the computer is locked. There is no guarantee that the sender of the ransomware will send you to finish the encryption. Yes, criminals will definitely understand that you are easy prey. They can also try to recover from you in the future.

Do not hide file name extensions

Ransomware viruses often change the file extension. We do not see this in our system. Keep file name extension options visible and can easily identify suspicious files.

The effect of cyber attack

In the attack on April 12, computers of hundreds of countries stopped working. This is a special kind of ransomware cyber attack, which has demanded ransom in bittoine. The health services of many countries, including the UK, were severely overwhelmed due to this. According to the BBC’s report, this attack was carried out on important organizations around the world.

According to the Europol report, the impact of the cyber attack has reached more than 150 countries and has affected over 2 million computers.

These countries are also affected by the attack, most affected Russia

According to the report, the other cyber attacks in other countries include Britain, America, China, Russia, Spain, Italy, Vietnam and many other countries. In all these countries, ransomware attacked together. According to news agencies, most of Russia’s computers have come in the grip of this attack.

Russia’s Home Ministry has also confirmed this attack. In addition to the UK, special companies working in Spain have been hit by this cyber attack.




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