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Use of Chemical Weapons to pay a heavy price to Syria : US

Syria chemical weapon attack

America has once again warned Syria. US Defense Minister Jim Matisse said, “If Syria uses chemical weights again, it will have to pay a heavy price.” It also said that America’s top priority is to defeat ISIS in Syria. Let us know that on 7th April, the United States targeted 59 Symphony Airbase and fired 59 missiles.

Matisse said, “On April 4, the Syrian government attacked its own people with chemical Weapons, I personally reviewed the Intelligence, there is no doubt that the Syrian government is responsible for this attack.”

syria chemical weapon attack1
syria chemical weapon attack1

“After this attack, we held a resolution in a diplomatic way in front of the National Security Council in front of Donald Trump and resolved the matter of the military action. We met for several days and discussed with our colleagues.”

“The National Security Council has asserted that the Syrian government is continuously circulating international regulations, and Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the people who are being killed there.”

“After the discussion, we felt that it would be better to take military action against Asad, so that he should not do such a thing again. We always try that people should not die in military action, our mission was successful.”

“With all these things in mind, President Trump ordered an attack on Syria on April 6.”

In the meanwhile, on Wednesday, there will be a vote on Syria gas attack issue.

What else Says Matis?

“Our actions also show that if Assad continues to attack all the laws, then we will not be silenced.”

“We were aware of Russia’s presence in Syria and also decided that no Russian would be injured in the attack. There will be no change in the US military policy regarding Syria.”

“Our motive is to defeat ISIS there.” ISIS’s presence is dangerous, it is not just Europe but it also threatens America.”

syria chemical weapon attack
syria chemical weapon attack

Matis also alleged, “Syria has used chemical weapons many times in the last several years, while the chemical weapons are banned from 1925.”

What is the matter?

More than 100 people died in Syria’s chemical attack on April 4th.

On 6 April, Trump ordered an attack on Syria.

The US tested 59 Tomahawk missiles in the Mediterranean Sea on April 7. Syrian al-Shayrat Airbase was targeted in this attack by the US military. 9 people, including 4 children, were killed in this attack.

After the attack, Trump said, “Assad is responsible for the bloodshed happening in Syria, where innocent people, women, and children are being killed, it will not be tolerated.”

The US action has been supported by Germany, Japan, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Spain. At the same time, China, Iran, and Russia are with the Assad government of Syria.



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