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UP’s results show that Modi will be favored even in 2019 elections: US Experts

Modi favourite 2019 election

The victory of BJP in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand is being discussed in the whole world. US Top Experts say that BJP’s win in five states shows that Narendra Modi will be the first choice of the people of the country in the 2019 general elections. Not only this, Modi will lead India even after 2019. Let’s say that with winning 325 seats in Uttar Pradesh, BJP has increased six times. At the same time, there is a similar situation in Manipur. Here the Congress got reduced to 42 to 28 seats. Here the BJP won 21 seats for the first time. In Uttarakhand, 57 seats out of 70 won.

Adam Ziegfeld, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University, said: “There is no sign of even more change in the recent assembly elections. The results of the assembly of Uttar Pradesh show that the 2014 general elections were not uncommon. ”

“This is a big win for BJP. The margins of their candidates’ victory marginally more than the SP and the BSP’s candidates. ”

Resident Fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, Sadanand Dhume, says, “This victory indicates that Modi will be the most popular face and the first choice for the 2019 general elections.

modi favourite 2019 election
modi favourite for 2019 election1

Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service Professor Irfan Nuruddin feels that in 2019, BJP will not get a full majority. Modi will have to form a government with the Alliance.

“He said that BJP is campaigning very clearly in the states, whereas the Opposition is not able to do it.” If the opposition comes together, then BJP can be defeated. ”

Notebandi Is made lots of impressions

Sadanand Dhoom said, “The ban was very popular, and people who had trouble, they also supported their hearts, and people believed that a person (Modi) is fighting against corrupt and rich people.”


Dhoom also believes that after the historic victory in the UP, economic reforms can also bring in private sector.

According to Elisa Ayes, Senior Fellow of India, Pakistan and South Asia at the Council on Foreign Relations, “There are increasingly economic reforms in India, which will definitely impact people.”

 Bjp seats increased 6-time larger in up after 66 years

The BJP, which won 47 seats in UP in 2012, got 325 seats in 2017. During the last five years, BJP has increased 6 times in the state. This is the third largest victory of any party in 66 years. Earlier, in 1951, Congress had won 388 out of 430 seats.

In this assembly election, SP got 47 seats, Congress 7 and BSP got only 10 seats.

modi favourite for 2019 election1
modi favourite for 2019 election1

21 seats for the first time in Manipur

No party got a majority in Goa-Manipur. In Goa, Congress got 17 and BJP got 13 seats. In this 40-seat state, 21 seats were required to form the government. This time, the Maharashtra Gomantak Party, which is a BJP ally, has only spoiled his math. The Shivsena and Goa security platform also came out against the BJP.

There is a similar situation in Manipur. Here the Congress got reduced to 42 to 28 seats. Here the BJP won 21 seats for the first time. There was a total of 60 seats here. For the majority, victory was necessary for 31 seats. However, in Uttarakhand, the BJP won the majority by winning 56 seats. A front of the seat has made the front. Congress got only 11 seats here.

Now the power of BJP in 14 states with 58% of the country’s population and 52% GDP

After the results of the assembly elections in five states have emerged, BJP and NDA have now become the rule of 58% of the total population of the country. Earlier it was only about 43%.

With this, now it is in power in the country’s 52% GDP. The number of BJP and NDA government-ruled states is now 14. These include the new electoral states UP and Uttarakhand. After the victory in Punjab, the Congress and the UPA government are now in 7 states.

Congress rule has been reduced to about 17% of the country’s population. This situation has been made without including Manipur and Goa, whose government will be formed there, it is not clear right now.




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