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WHAT NEXT: President of your choice can be made BJP, will be strong in Rajya Sabha

presidential election

After the assembly elections results of five states, seats in the Rajya Sabha will change the math. So far, BJP had to face difficulties in passing several bills due to lack of numbers in the upper house, but after coming to UP and UP in Uttarakhand, the number of MPs in the Rajya Sabha will increase in the next one year. Not only this, he will be able to win the candidacy of his choice in the presidential election in July this year.

1) How much impact on presidential election

In the process of choosing the President, the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha as well as the assemblies of state assemblies also participate.

If 2 of the 5 states (UP, Uttarakhand) have a majority in the BJP, it would make it easier for the candidates to get their candidature in the presidential election. The reason for this is that the 403 seats in the UP Assembly will be a bigger role in the presidential election.

presidential election
presidential election

However, these results will not be affected by the Vice Presidential elections because it is decided only by the votes of MPs of both the Houses (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha).

This is the presidential election mathematics

10,98,882 is the value of votes in the presidential election.

5.49 million votes must win

Nearly 4.57 lakh votes are near BJP Alliance. That is, 92 thousand more votes are needed.

1,03,756 The vote of these five states is the value. Of these, the value of votes of the UP Assembly alone is 83,824.

02 With the majority of states, the BJP can now get the president of the choice.

2) BJP will be strong in the Rajya Sabha

Of the 68 MPs who retired from the Rajya Sabha in 2018, 58 MPs will retire only in April 2018. Of these, 10 MPs are from UP. One MP is from Uttarakhand.

Since BJP has got the highest number of seats in the UP assembly elections, there is an opportunity to increase the number of MPs in the Rajya Sabha.

However at present, the NDA has 73 MPs in the Rajya Sabha. There are 71 MPs in the UPA regime. NDA is ahead of the UPA according to the number strength but the NDA is still far behind with majority of the figures (123).

With the lack of strength of numbers, the NDA has problems in passing several bills from the Rajya Sabha.

After getting the majority in the UP elections, the number of MPs in Upper House will increase further to 10, which will now face fewer problems in passing the bills.

Manipur-Punjab results will not affect the Rajya Sabha

No seats of Rajya Sabha will be vacant until May 2019 from the accounts of Manipur and Punjab. Goa is the only state in the electoral states where one seat is getting vacant this year.

presidential election
presidential election

Apart from this, other 9 MPs from the Rajya Sabha are also retired. Among them, there are 3 MPs from Gujarat and 6 MPs from West Bengal. But after 10 places to fill, there will be no special change in the picture of the Rajya Sabha this year.

Apart from these five states, the seats of Rajya Sabha are vacant from Delhi, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar, Gujarat and Telangana. NDA can get better results from the BJP’s states.

Role of nominated MPs for Rajya Sabha

After the expiry of Tenure of 4 nominated MPs in April 2018, the Central Government can select the MPs for the Rajya Sabha accordingly. Sachin Tendulkar and Line of Tanner will end in April 2018.

Tell that the nominated MPs are uplifted on the advice of the government. These MPs are not tied to any party’s hippies. However, it is normal to see that if necessary

MPs vote only in government support.



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