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US deploys anti-missile defence system due to threat from NKorea | Current Trending News

US deploys anti-missile defence system

America has deployed anti-ballistic missile defence systems in South Korea. US Pacific Command provided the information. North Korea had fired 4 missiles on Monday. Japan had said that 3 Missile Sea of Japan fell in Japan.

After North Korea’s missile launch, tension has increased once more.The US said, “The deployment of the anti-ballistic missile has been done under the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Thad) system.”

The Pacific Command reported that US-South Korea will face the North Korean threat by deploying missile systems.

It has also been said, “North Korea is continuously running its Nuclear Weapons Program, its missile launch has become a threat to international security, it is a form of verification of the UN Security Council resolution.”

Last year, the US and South Korea had said about the deployment of the Thad system. China has been continually criticising it.

US deploys anti-missile defence system
US deploys anti-missile defence system

What is Thread System?

Thad missile has a tremendous firepower.

If a missile passes around it, then its system is activated and it eliminates the enemy missile.

It can be easily moved and deployed anywhere.

North Korea said – trying to hit US military base in Japan

Meanwhile, North Korea said on Tuesday that it is preparing to target US military base in Japan.

According to the North Korean news agency KCNA, Kim Jong-those looking for North Korea’s missile launch. They are quite happy with it.

Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe had said that launching 4 missiles of North Korea clearly states that the world is threatening.


North Korea are these weapons have

Musudana missile: North Korea has musudana middle range of BM-25 ballistic missile, which has a range minimum and maximum 4,000 km is 2.490 km.

These missile with 1,000 to 1,250 kg Nuclear Warhead is kaipebala move. The missile, BM-25, taipodonga X, rodonga-B, and is also known Mirim.

The former Soviet Union’s R-27 Zyb SLBM is considered to be a copy of the Modified.

US deploys anti-missile defence system
US deploys anti-missile defence system

Tepodong missile: North Korea Tapodong-1 and Tapodong-II missile have also been developed.

The capability of Tepodong-II is 5,000 to 6,000 km. This could reduce the bomb to the western end of Southeast Asia and North America.

According to a report, the test of the Toadod-2 missile was unsuccessful on 4 July 2006. At present, these missiles are not capable of carrying nuclear weapons to the US.

Nodong missile: North Korea has a Nodong missile, which is in South Korea, parts of Japan, Russia and China.

Nodong’s firepower is 900 km. The missile is capable carrying 1,000 kg warhead with you. It is not known whether or not this missile is capable of carrying nuclear warheads.




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