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Give me 50 lakh or I will kill alia bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt threatening calls |Current Trending News

Mahesh Bhatt threatening calls

Film actress Alia Bhatt went threatened to kill, and instead of 50 million, has been sought. An unidentified man from Uttar Pradesh and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt Alia’s father had threatened to call it.

Mumbai Police is investigating the case of the Juhu police station has registered a case of extortion. AEC is involved in the investigation. No arrests have been made yet but continue investigating the case.

Police registered a FIR late Wednesday recorded the statement of Bhatt family. The call came on February 26. Bhatt had threatened that if the caller did not give money, he killed her daughter Alia Bhatt and Soni Razdan will wife. The case has been transferred to Mumbai police cell is hindering recovery, together with other police departments will investigate the matter. Mumbai Police sources said that Bhat had a phone call in which the caller himself citing gang leader demanded a ransom of Rs 50 lakh.

Mahesh Bhatt threatening calls1
Mahesh Bhatt threatening calls1

Bhatt family first took it in fun, but then the caller and that he sent the threatening SMS messages and Votsaep not take lightly. Bhatt said the attacker was a word that had brought him money so he and his wife Soni daughter Alia will be gunned. He then sent a message and then folded. Daughter and wife of the risk of life while still Bhatt immediately alerted the police. Bhatt family posh Juhu area of Mumbai lives. The local police have registered a case. A police officer told India that the ICP have registered a case under section 387. He said that the matter is being taken seriously and went their protection is increased. Earlier, 13 people in 2014 to eliminate Bhatt was arrested for plotting.

Earlier, an unknown person called Salman Khan had threatened to kill. Police said last February 16 was called in the police control room. Police suspect that it was a bogus call, and he began the probe. The police had found out that the place where the phone was.

What is the case:

According to police sources, a person who was telling himself the leader of a gang, Mahesh Bhatt had demanded Rs 50 lakh. Mahesh Bhatt initially thought it fun. But then the man on WhatsApp messages Mahesh Bhatt said that he does not take this threat lightly.

The man threatened Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter Alia Mahesh him money so he and his wife will not get many rounds will run on Sony(Mahesh Bhatt wife).



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