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ISIS suspects and Dawood Shooter are arrested in the Rajkot | Current Trending News

ISIS Suspects  Dawood Shooters

Rajkot in Gujarat, the  Police arrested two suspected IS militants. These terrorists are brothers and named Wasim Naeem Ramodia, BCA, MCA had studied. We’re trying to carry out acts in Gujarat, plans are managed before the police caught them. These past four years, the IS through social media and anonymous handlers were in touch with the people. Gujarat police were monitoring three months. Gujarat ATS has arrested the two. Including computer hard disks and accessories have also been recovered. ATS According to information received, on February 24 terrorist Wasim Chotila was intended to explode. Sitting in Syria IS bosses ordered that Allah will be pleased to show by doing something.

According to police, the suspect Wasim Naeem and educational background. BCA, MCA and the other is a brother. They are active in social media too.

He had planned Valentin’s Day blast in Bhavnagar but failed in this task due to tighter security.

Gujarat is the first arrest linked to the IS. Interrogation of the accused continues to be detected so that the country which is expanding its network to cities IS.

ISIS Suspects and Dawood Shooters
ISIS Suspects and Dawood Shooters

NIA operates in Gujarat last 2 months was keeping an eye on suspicious activities. Later the suspects were captured.

NIA had arrested Kazmi Kasam Mufti last year from UP. Much is revealed to contact the brothers. Last year, suspected to be connected to IS NIA Hyderabad, Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra has caught many people from different cities.

Among which was a wife who speaks two beheaded

Waseem Shaheen’s wife urges him constantly lived. He then made plans to detonate bombs in Choteela. He had been Choteela. But seeing the security arrangements, said Waseem Shaheen called getting very restless. Seems not to be working.

Shaheen replied quote “battle with the infidels, Allah will help you. Nervous done without it.”

Waseem Shaheen also said the bomb plant when a person lying in the middle, the way to come to any inquiry or doubt to such persons beheaded. Therefore Wasim Choteela also bought two knives. ATS have recovered the knife. The ATS had this conversation trace. However, Shaheen has not taken into custody.


Tap the conversation handler

Bob: I bought 150 grams of explosive material.

Handler: It’s not what 150 grams. Must have at least 400 grams.

Waseem: complete work is ready.

Handler: Kill the infidel and shoot video.

Waseem: To kill an infidel, which is 30 km from my town, where their big famous temple.

Handler: Wasim will have to wait.

Waseem: some would have to be explosive and will be soon.

Handler: Insha Allah

Handler: get stuff ready. Will keep you on target.

The father, who was an umpire, Spoke prompted me to drink poison. Arif’s father Ramodia militants were Employ Saurashtra University. While he has been associated with cricket umpire. Arif said that the sons of the adventures that went almost forced to drink poison.

Kazmi’s call details UP Kasam met Mufti leads

NIA had arrested Kazmi Kasam UP militant. Wasim was followed by the call details. To trace it revealed that Wasim Laden and Baghdadi considers the role model.

Dawood Shooters were also arrested

Rajkot from Gujarat Police on Saturday arrested underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s four shooters. He is charged with the murder of 10-lakh contract had business in Jamnagar. They caught a bus.

ISIS Suspects and Dawood Shooters
ISIS Suspects and Dawood Shooters

Police have arrested 4 Sharp Shooter, they are all Pakistani citizens and fellow Dawood’s brother Anees.

Sharpshooters name- Ramdas Parshuram Rane (contract killer), unobtrusive Kundlik, Sandeep Dayanand, and Anil are Rajubhai Dhilod.

These Anees Jamnagar to kill a businessman was given a contract of 10 million.

Being told that they were on target business Ashfaq Khatri, which is connected to the business of ship breaking and import-export.

ISIS suspects dawood shooters
ISIS Suspects and Dawood Shooters

Police caught annulled

According to police sharpshooters had just come from information. So Kuvadwa went to the road was already under surveillance. When Volvo bus arrived, his search went on. There were four men in the bus, they were arrested.

Weapons from them, 6 live cartridges, a pistol, a large knife and a fake number plates 2 are met.

One of those arrested is a contract killer who had killed for Rs. They also will be questioned about the bomb timer.



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