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Virat is the first Indian player to deal single brand 100Cr | Current Trending News

virat kohli signed 100 cr deal with puma

Virat Kohli (28) with the Puma company Rs 100 crore. The 8-year-old has signed deal. Any such deal with a brand has become the first Indian player. Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s endorsement deals were also more than 100 million more than they were for the companies. Please tell the first Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt Puma for such a big deal, Asafa Powell, French footballer Thierry Henry Oliver had signed Jirad.

According to media reports, the deal is about 110 million. These deal with the immensity of Puma will be based on a fixed payment. The royalty will be based on the brand’s business performance.

Puma is a German company. Kohli with it, with a special logo will launch lifestyle products.

Under the endorsement deal, Kohli 12-14 million a year would get a fixed amount.

Kohli says, “I feel proud. Puma endorsement are many great athletes. Not only bolts, they Pele, Maradona, Thierry Henry and many others are the grates.”

virat kohli signed 100 cr deal with puma
virat kohli signed 100 cr deal with puma

“I have Kmited for Puma long partnership. The company has got popularity the way, what I am Imprasd. India also has its place in the short time.”

Virat’s brand value increased by 25%

Test cricket, one-day and Twenty20 captain in all three forms becoming went after Virat Kohli’s brand value increased by 25 per cent. SRK brand value in the country, according to Virat became the second costliest celebrity.

Corporate finance advisory firm Duff and Phelps had issued a report on the brand value of celebrities.

According to a report, the value to grow so fast because in every match except Kaptonsi consistently excellent performance of the ultimate.

This year, he continued this form of the Virat Shah left behind may become the country’s most expensive celebrity. If that happens, after 22 years in terms of brand value, the country’s most expensive celebrity to become a cricketer.

virat kohli signed 100 cr deal with puma
virat kohli signed 100 cr deal with puma

Accordingly, in October 2016 the brand value of the massive 92 million (Rs 618 crore) and SRK 131 million (Rs 880 crore).

Meanwhile, there was no one. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, with brand value of Rs 209 crore were ranked No. 9.

Sachin Tendulkar had made 30 million contract

Tale World in terms of brand value in 1995 with Sachin 30 crore had gone ahead with the deal. The money went in 2001 doubled.

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It is said that in 2006 and owned by Sachin ad firm Saatchi 175 million contract for 3 years with Iconix said.

And increase brand value still huge

Jain said the firm’s director uninterrupted form Virat playing the past two months has increased their brand value by 25 per cent. And is expected to grow further.

Since becoming captain Dhoni, Virat value grew several times faster. Virat in 2016 were 13 brands. His value was more than 100 million.

Currently more than 20 major brands of Virat. Dhoni became captain in 2007 then they were 17 endorsements. About two years later, in 2009, Dhoni was endorsed 20 brands.

virat kohli signed 100 cr deal with puma-2
virat kohli signed 100 cr deal with puma-2

Companies benefit from the image of the divine

According to the report, the companies have significant benefits for the image of the divine. That is why more and more brands want to face them.

Punjab National Bank in September last year, the brand ambassador Virat. Bank of the third quarter (December) said its net profit at Rs 207 crore. In December 2015 it was 51 million.



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