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ISRO to launch 104 satellites together world record, surpassing Russia-US | Current Trending News

isro world record

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to launch a satellite with the most made the world record. ISRO today simultaneously launched 104 satellites. So far, no country has a satellite launch has not so. Currently, the record for most satellite launches Russian name. He has 37 satellite launched in 2014 at a time. These satellites ISRO launched the PSLV-C37 on Wednesday morning at 9:28.

isro world record satelite
isro world record satelite

Tuesday 5:28 pm The 28-hour countdown began. Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota launch it from the first launch pad. 3 Mission of India, the US private firms have 96 satellites. In addition, the Israeli satellite 1-1, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UAE.

The most important final 9 minutes

PSLV-C37 to deliver the satellites in orbit will take around 29 minutes. The most important of these are the last 9 minutes. Indeed, the information of the satellites, ISRO will not directly.

About 16 minutes later, the rocket’s fourth and last part would be different. It will be up to Mauritius. Mauritius is also a center of ISRO. Information Mauritius pass after 9 minutes of satellites will not directly, because no center of ISRO’s not beyond.

ISRO had sent to 23 satellites at a time

The first 714-kg CARTOSAT-2 series satellite to be launched into Earth orbit.

Weighing 664 kg, followed by the remaining 103 520 km from Earth to the Sun nano satellites in orbit will be set.

Several satellites in a single mission, ISRO’s third chance to leave. Earlier, in 2008, once in 10 and June 23 satellites were launched in 2015.

Cartosat-2 will benefit?

ISRO is sending into space a satellite Cartosat -2 fourth series. Through the Remote Sensing Service said. It went through the pictures sent in road traffic in coastal areas, water distribution, among other things important for the regulation to be mapped.

isro world record
isro world record

ISRO now look at the planets Venus and Tue

In addition, India will soon Tue planets Venus and is preparing to enter. The mission went to the place in the budget -2017. ISRO has taken 23% of the fund.

The world’s most reliable launch vehicle PSLV

With the 39th flight of the world’s most trusted Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV said. Since 1993 it has more than 38 flights to 40 Indian and foreign satellites are sent into space. PSLV mission scientists will use the powerful XL version. Chandrayaan mission in 2008 and completed in 2014, could Mangalyaan through this.

America, China and India 66 times cheaper than in Europe

Commercial launch of the satellites in the world, India is the cheapest. Moreover, India to launch satellite by the US, China, Japan and Europe, nearly 66 times cheaper. Even four times cheaper than the Russian.


Country Rocket Cost (In Rs)
Indian PSLV 100 million
Russia Proton 455 million
America Falcon-9 381 million
Japan H-2A 6692 million
China Long March 6692 million
Europe Ariane-5 6692 million
America Atlas-5 6692 million


Antrix This year will earn 50% of profits

  • PSLV launch cost is Rs 100 crore.
  • According to scientists, these satellites 200 crore Antrix has signed.
  • Ie it will save Rs 100 crore.
  • This is 50% of its profits.

 Satellite growing share of industry

India’s share in global satellite market is growing. The industry is now worth Rs 13 lakh crore. The US has 41% stake. While India’s share is less than 4%.

isro world record3
isro world record3

The launch of foreign satellites by ISRO Antrix Corporation Limited is a company. Between 1992 and 2014, Antrix Corporation earned Rs 4408 crore. ISRO’s satellite launch so far has grossed over Rs 660 crore.

Do not make the record, the ability to calibrate the motive: ISRO

Our goal is not to make a record. We just want to check their capacity to launch. It will further strengthen our identity Laॅncing commercial success. – DR. DP Karnik, spokesman, ISRO





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