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H-1B visas will be adversely affected by the new bill: Indian professionals working in Silicon Valley said

Silicon Valley Indian American Conference

H-1B visas in the US on the issue of hundreds of Indian professionals in Silicon Valley trying to raise awareness. The bill introduced in the US Congress of Administration Professionals Donald Trump said that it will adversely affect the community. When the bill was passed in the US House of Representatives of US companies, including India will be difficult to hire foreign professionals. The visas are for studies in India and in the US job.

Global Indian Technology Professionals Association (GITPRO) Khanderao loaf president, said: “We are working to improve, while the number of new bills are being introduced to increase the minimum wage. The US universities graduate freshers and skilled professionals would be badly hit. The minimum salary of $ 1.30 million from the companies they hire will strand. ‘

silicon valley indian american conference2
silicon valley indian american conference2

” H-1B visas, many talented professionals on the new bill is passed will not get a chance to work in America. ”

GITPRO policy-makers and industry leaders in meeting the salaries of professionals to be aware of. Said ‘the market rate, according to professionals in a particular area should be paid.’

Organisation said in a letter to Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, ” according to the green card quota for countries to decide is affecting Indians. Many also had to wait 10 years, while some Pakistani gets green card within a year. University education of children about to experience difficulties. The government set the quota to the US Congress introduced a bill HR392. ‘

What’s the matter?

Please tell the US House of Representatives a few days before the H-1B visa, the new bill was introduced. It is seen as a major setback for Indian IT companies.

The reason is that if this bill is passed by the US companies, including India, H-1B hiring foreign IT professionals will be difficult.

This is because H-1B visa holders in the bill states that the minimum salary of 60 thousand dollars (40 million Rs.) Doubled, increasing from 1.30 million (about Rs 88 lakh.) Complaint.

Limit of 85 thousand visas

H-1B visas in the US and 20 thousand to 65 thousand visas for foreign Employees of foreign students studying in the US visa is given.

silicon valley indian american conference2
silicon valley indian american conference2

Total limit is 85 thousand visas. In contrast, US 1 million 72 thousand 748 in 2015 to 103% over the visa issue.

US to join the visa period is 3 years. However, you can increase it to 6 years. The person himself can not apply for this visa. Is to apply through the company.

Infosys Got most visas

Infosys most visas in 2016 (33 289) found. TCS 16 553, 13,600 IBM, Wipro, 12 201, 9605 and Deloitte Consulting to Asencr at the 7607 Visa. According to the Home Department, in 2014, 70% received the visa to Indians. In 2016 the figure was 72%.

What is the H-1B visa?

H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa. Under US foreign Theoritikl or technical experts may place their own. H-1B visas each year, thousands of technology companies under the Employees are recruited.

What says the report on the H-1B visa?

“Computerworld” magazine, according to the H-1B visas to Indians around 86% and 46.5% of computer engineering has been to position.

silicon valley indian american conference2
silicon valley indian american conference2

“Every year the US H-1B visa is 85 thousand people. Of these, about 20 thousand students who have a master’s degree in American universities are issued.”

In 2016, 2 million 36 thousand people had applied for H-1B visas. As a result, the visa lottery.

H-1B visas are given to qualified professionals. However, L1 visa transfer to the US by any company is Imploi. Indian companies are heavily used by both Visa.



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