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India ready to manufacture Fighter plane F-16 | Current Trending News

F-16 Fighter Plane

American F-16 fighter planes to India Administration will decide the trump. US defense firm Lockheed Martin F-16 plane in India wants to build on the project’s production. But according to the company, at present, the proposal would trump the Administration to look fresh. Administration of these measures could interrupt production in India plane. Please tell the Obama administration had agreed to give India the F-16 fighter jets.

Indeed, the US is moving toward 5th generation aircraft. There, Texas-based Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Fort Worth plant used for the production of jet wishes.

On the other hand, the Indian Air Force fighter planes needed. India wants to order more than 100 fighter jets. So, in order to meet India Lockheed Martin F-16 production company wants to.

f-16 fighter plane-trump
f-16 fighter plane-trump

According to the news agency, the company says that the current proposal regarding the administration, we’ve told Trump. From the perspective of defense cooperation with India to support the proposal made by the Obama Administration.

Will take care of the interest of the US – Lockheed  

Lockheed spokesperson said, “the transition team of Trump as well as the US Congress has been in talks for several months on this proposal.”

“We know that Trump Administration will revisit these projects. We are ready to meet the support. We assure you that any such deal would be decided keeping in mind the policy of the US. The US interest will be taken care of. ”

“F-16 aircraft production to the US from India in 200 engineering jobs will be created. These will support production lines in India. In addition, the company’s 800 jobs in the US Employees also will be safe.”

Trump had harsh reaction

Donald Trump White House in the early days of assuming office Otomekars and pharmaceuticals companies had strong reaction.

Trump cheap markets Production and sale of products in the US has expressed unhappiness over.

However, F-16’s case is different, because the US does not need them anymore. Additionally, the US and Imploi, to take care of the interest of both saying.

f-16 fighter plane
f-16 fighter plane

16 million will be invested in India in 10 years

Before retirement, air force chief Arup Raha said that India needs 250 fighter jets. According to estimates, defense modernization in India in the next 10 years to $ 250 billion, will invest close to 16 lakh crore. Given such a large investment in the world’s defense companies are in the race.

Production in India is to be under the banner of Make in India

Production of defense products in India under the scheme have to be Narendra Modi’s Make in India. In addition to the F-16 in front of the Swedish firm SAAB’s Gripen combat aircraft to India as there are options. Top Defense sources said the plane’s production in India, the country wants to reduce the costly imports.

According to industry officials, “the final deal may take a long time and which company will get the contract, it can not be said. As far as the matter of Lockheed’s F-16 and have not said anything definite about him can go.

India have Tejas, Rafael and needs F-16

Air Force squadron of only 33 are left. A squadron consists of 16-18 fighter planes.

11 of these 33 MiG-21 and MiG-27 fighter squadron are.

Of these, only 60 percent are ready for operation.

MiG-21 and MiG-27’s condition is not very good. These are not accidents.

According to experts, the threat from China and Pakistan, India should have 45 squadrons.

Tejas is Squadron 34th. Rafael will meet France on the 35th Squadron. F-16 squadron from the 36th may be created.

F-16 and will be the difference in Rafael?

F-16 Rafael

Who made : US (Lockheed Martin), France (Dasu)

Maximum speed of 2500 km / h, 2300 km / h

Once in range of 2400 kilometers, 3700 kilometers

Missiles: 6 Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground 2, 6 supersonic missiles



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