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Manmohan scams are so immaculate, wearing a raincoat bath they know: Modi

modi manmohan singh

Narendra Modi on Wednesday in the Rajya Sabha debate on the motion of thanks to the President’s address to the participants. The dig at Modi, Congress tightened scandals. Said, ” so are scams Manmohan immaculate, they know the art of bathing, wearing a raincoat. ‘Modi’s remarks fiercely rocked the Rajya Sabha. Congress walked out. Modi then former central bank governor. Subbarao’s book ‘Who Moved My Interest Rate’, referring to the former finance minister P. Chidambaram had interfered in the work of RBI. Meanwhile, Modi’s comment on Manmohan angry Congress will boycott the remaining budget of the PM session.

  1. The Minister said to bathe in the bathroom wearing a raincoat, just the doctor know the art

Modi said Manmohan Singh last season were his views. It is right now that you people (Congress) is a book out. The forward (preamble) doctor wrote. We thought of the book is the same. But the book was written by someone else and he was forward. In his speech, I felt that maybe …. ‘

modi manmohan singh
modi manmohan singh

Opposition to the commotion. He said this is not what I said, how do you understand the meaning? He further stated, “there is hardly any person in this country for 35 years since independence, which would have seen half the nation’s economy. But how many veered scandal. Especially politicians like to learn a lot from the doctor. So much happened, there was a stain on them. Raincoat wearing bathing in the bathroom, the only Doctor of Arts (Manmohan Singh) to know. ‘

  1. Parallel economy suffered the most poor

He said, “Most of the discussion has been around Notbandi. We can not deny the fact that in our country there is an evil. It can not deny that in our economy, has roots in society. And therefore the fight against corruption, black money is not a political decision. ”

‘Parallel economy was poor causing the most damage. China has the right to the poor and the exploited. Efforts in the past would have. How long will we continue to live by putting these issues under the carpet. ‘

  1. Therefore, the terrorists got forged notes

Singh said, ” It is fake. The figures are publicized, he figures to reach the banks of the counterfeit notes. Most counterfeit bank notes should not go to the door, are driven by the system. Is also used to promote terrorism-Maoist. ”

“Some people are saying that the militants jumped jumping-two thousand rupees at the new notes. We must realize that attempts to rob the bank and try to move the new notes was in Jammu and Kashmir. After the closure of counterfeit notes in front of them was a problem. Notbandi of the militants were killed a few days later, they found these notes. ‘Modi, Rahul Gandhi was on the dig. Rahul militants killed in Kashmir have raised the issue of meeting the 2 thousand notes.

  1. Wanchoo Committee mention in the book what you were sleeping?

He said: ‘These initiatives will strengthen Imandaron, it is our clear. Wanchoo Committee was made long ago. With regard to the economic needs of Notbandi he had reported at the time of Indira Gandhi. Yashwantrao Chavan to agree. But Indira Gandhi had said that we are in politics and are contesting. ”

The Congress members on the commotion. Then he said, “This is the book of Godboleji. The book is good when printed, then you would have read. What you were sleeping? Where were you? Makes case against Godboleji your place then I would. But you did not. His book is being discussed today when you are having trouble. ”

  1. 700 Maoists surrendered

He said, ‘Today fake, hawala, terrorism, drug trade has spread. It was not the first. So when we decided immediately Nutrilaij were fake. You might have seen on TV. Dealing in counterfeit notes in another country had to commit suicide. ‘

modi manmohan singh-maovadi surrendered
modi manmohan singh-maovadi surrendered

” In our country 40 days Between November-December 700 rebels had surrendered. It happened after Notbandi. If the Maoists to surrender and not to his satisfaction, if any, can not be so. And if satisfaction is not the case then there is something else. ”

  1. Complete workers in the tea gardens are being paid

PM said the 500 thousand after the appearances were getting low. Not anymore. For the first time that such a decision after all the banks together reduced interest rate. The unorganized sector is. Workers must get security. In time we will add them to the EPF and ESIC scheme. Let the example of Assam. 7 million for those working in the tea garden, he opened a bank account. Mobile app taught them to do business. This tea plantation workers began full pay. The experience was very good. ”

  1. Jyotirmaya Basu had said black money is underpinned by the government of Indira

He said, ‘Our and Sitaram ji (CPI-M) has a different view. But it was a theme that we felt that the team will be with us Sitaram ji. This was one reason. It was due to your own party’s senior leader Jyotirmaya Basu Wanchoo Committee report in 1972 and fought in the House to demand. The government was not present. They brought a copy of that report. Placed on the table. His speech that day is still worth remembering. ‘

Bose had said on November 12, 1970, was one of the powerful and demonetization primary recommendations. Indira Gandhi, on the strength of black money is left. Black money is in fact based on their politics. So this report has not been implemented and kept down. Again Basu had said in Lok Sabha on September 4, 1972 and other measures, I have recommended demonetization. I do not want to repeat them. The government should support people with integrity, but the government of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s character is black money. His government by black money and black money is for. ”

‘HS Surjeet had also said that the decision to close can go to the big note. In 1981 she took up the question. So, please join us in this fight, insisting that the Left. ‘Sitaram Yechury said the Left opposition in the manner we have no idea.

  1. Bhim is not inexpensive App

He said, ‘Do not go to school any child ask? They will say I go to everyday. They know him and I know that he is not on Sundays. Similarly cashless society means that gradually move in that direction. In the world today is the election ballot papers. This is the country that is voted by pressing the button. Inconvenience, discomfort, so will not give up. ‘

modi manmohan singh bheem app
modi manmohan singh bheem app

Dowanload Bheem App Free From Playstore

‘Bhima not spend the money for a new app. A bank is not a commission of Rs. When the world is progressing towards this, India has no reason to stay behind. ‘

‘Jan Dhan accounts with 21 million cards are rüpe. Prestigious pocket for a card has become a class. We meet the expectations of society have little ones. Direct Benefit Transfer through leakages, we have saved every year 50 thousand crore. The role of intermediaries is withdrawn. ‘

” The government has made the debt recovery tribunal. Brought professionalism in banking. The board made the hiring. ”

  1. RBI rescue

He said, ‘is bound to be an attack on me. But the central bank has no reason to drag and drag them to the governor. Before him who was governor at the time, was also raised voices. I was also opposed her. RBI is a big part of the economy. The central question and hurting his dignity one thing I want to say to them. ‘

” RBI Governor Subbarao has written a book. In the book he wrote in 2008, under the Liquidity Management Committee appointed by the then finance secretary, I was upset. Chidambaram had Ovrstep concerning the Bank. Liquidity management is fully subject to the RBI. He not only did Ovrstep but did not tell me. I did not know that the relationship between me and them uncomfortable in my last days will set the tone. ‘

modi manmohan singh1
modi manmohan singh1

Modi, former Reserve Bank governor. Subbarao’s book ‘Who Moved My Interest Rate’ quoted saying that the former finance minister P. Chidambaram had interfered in the work of the central bank.

Vail members of Congress in an uproar

Manmohan’s statement on Modi uproar in Rajya Sabha. Members of Congress have come up well. Chairman Dr. Hamid Ansari has said that to return to their place. Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said Modi Hitler, Mussolini said. And where was the opposition.

Ravi Shankar Prasad said that you did not tell the Prime Minister about the bad? The Congress then walked out. Modi further said: “When the monkey and the person at such high office smash, they should have thought that such words were used, what is the dignity of the Constitution. We respect dignity. Do not accept defeat in any form, how long it will last? ‘



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