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Donald Trump Fact

Hello Friends, Today I give you some amazing stuff about Donald trump personal life habit. Donald trump is united state of America’s 45th   President and currently live in the Whitehouse.

US media quoted sources of the White House several interesting facts about Trump recently issued. They were told that a soft towel after Trump was kindled. They like to see the dollar strengthening at 3 am one morning, officials had put the phone, but the phone was out, instead he made a call to someone else.

Donald Trump Fact
Donald Trump Fact
  1. soft towel after raging on

Trump Trump recently said Air Force One were so angry, because they did not put soft towel. Please tell the Air Force One flight to the US president that the operation of the control.

  1. The rate of the dollar in the early hours of 3 pm to call to learn

Once the early morning 3 am Trump National Security head Michael Flynn made the call to see how much the dollar is strong.

Economic advisor to learn them properly dollar rate should have called. So, they do not know the rate of the dollar.

  1. No more paper-like reading

Trump said that the facts do not much like to read the paper. Intelligence inputs, including other issues such as the Daily briefing also points to a page by typing in orders.

  1. tweet spent days

Trump last week for the first time since he became president, the White House went out to celebrate on Palm Beach Weekend. There is the private club. But the weekend was mostly spent his tweet.

Donald Trump Fact4
Donald Trump Fact4
  1. The tour was canceled for fear of protests

Donald Trump in the US because of the opposition are quite upset. Thus, last week, he had canceled a visit to Milwaukee. After becoming president of Supporters Direct contact from breaking the Trump upset. Supporters believe that staying in contact with them constantly get feedback about their lives.

  1. Trump watch TV in the bathroom

US media quoted sources also told the White House that Trump would most prefer to work at night. They remain in office until late at night. In between, they go to your room to be fresh. The Trump prefer to watch TV in the bathroom. Daininng room TV in the White House was not far, after becoming president at Trump put the TV in the dining room is large, so the diner can see the news channels.



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