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Narendra Modi speech surgical strike from Notbandi 10 big things

Narendra Modi Speech

Narendra Modi to the debate on the President’s Budget speech in Lok Sabha on Tuesday responded. He was by far the longest speech in Parliament. At the beginning of 88-minute speech, he quipped Rahul Gandhi. He said ” threat had heard so long ago. But yesterday, after the earthquake has come. ” During the discussion Notbandi Modi recalled. Said: “This decision was not taken in haste. Notbandi it was the right time. ” However, he said about surgical strikes several statements before the leaders. But later changed his attitude, seeing the mood of the country. In his speech, Modi Kaka Hathrasi Charvaka principles and lines of verses from the Mahabharata and the opposition attacked recalled.

  1. I was wondering why that earthquake?

Modi said the quake struck yesterday. Areas where the inconvenience caused by this earthquake, I would like to convey to them a sense. The central government is exposed to the states. There are some teams went up. But after the earthquake has come. I was wondering how that earthquake? Threats had heard so long ago. Mother Earth that will cause someone went so angry? ‘

Narendra Modi Speech
Narendra Modi Speech

He says that the uproar was the only Apojisn. As a reminder, in the previous session, Gandhi said Modi are not speaking to them. If they speak earthquake will come.

MP Kalyan Banerjee opposing Modi said Kalyanji! You shall have peace. ‘ “Then the commotion and intensified. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said Banerjee interrupted in the middle, please listen to the Prime Minister.

He added, ” President G. Aadrniy, I was wondering why that earthquake? When someone sees the scam in the sense of service, a sense of modesty does not just mothers, Mother Earth is also sad. Then comes the earthquake. … And may, therefore, Mr. President, in his address gave details of manpower. ‘

  1. Notbandi not, in the scheme rules were changed once more in 1035

He said, ‘When we said more than 2 million of the PAN will have to buy jewelery, so I am surprised that those who speak against black money that I have been writing letters to take back this decision. I know that it must have been difficult, but it was important for the country. ”

‘We brought in income tax declaration scheme. It was declared by far the most money. We have more than 1100 ending the old law. But you’ve said here repeatedly Notbandi rules instead. This was such a thing, then find a way in which we understand the public immediately had trouble. ‘

” On the one hand were supposed to rob the country, on the other hand, was supposed to bring the country on the path of honesty. But which of you guys is a big favorite programs on it, you’re back pats. After Independence scheme lasted from 9 different names. Today it is holding. ‘

‘Country and you will be surprised to know that in spite of such a plan over a century ago in 1035 in the scheme rules were changed. So it was no fighting. Why in 1035 the scheme had to be changed? So once the Act had become. The rules have changed. ‘

Narendra Modi Speech
Narendra Modi Speech

‘Kaka Hathrasi declare the poem. Do not add it to the UP elections. Search for Kaka Hathrasi had said in Antrpt, hidden flaw, you will find the report very true. ”

He said: “Many people were wondering why I Notbandi decision taken at the moment? I’ll tell? There was a time when our economy strong. Was the right time for the business. Our country is in a year the business, it is only half the time of Diwali.”

“It was the right time for Notbandi. The government thought about all the things went accordingly. I had a track, so the car is moving. So I decided that I should tell it not in a hurry took.”

  1. He snapped on surgical strike?

Modi said, laying a hand on his chest and ask. Surgical strikes were statements by the leaders in the first 24 hours. When he saw the mood of the country is different, they had to change their language. It was a big decision. When people ask why Modi kept secret in Notbandi, why not convene the Cabinet. No asking about surgical strikes. ”

” The quality of our nation’s military, or singing, is much less. Surgical Strike is so successful. Surgical Strike is troubling you, I know. The trouble is that you do not speak, and in public. ‘re Feeling pain inside. Let us assume that you have the whole country and our army is able to defend the borders. ‘

  1. Anonymous property mentioned again

Modi said, ” said the black money Kdgeji our jewels, gold and silver and is in property. I agree with your point. But the house you happen to know that the knowledge? No one can deny the fact that corruption was at the beginning of the cash. The result is a property-jewelery. Just tell me when Rajiv Gandhi was prime minister in 1988, Pandit Nehru had in more than a majority Daenon houses. Everything was your occupation from panchayat to Parliament. ”

” You Anonymous property law in 1988. Today you have the knowledge, what was the reason that for 26 years the law has not been notified? Why kept catching him? Then turn notify the situation of 26 years ago was fine. The country is contributing to clean. Those who were Laeg who felt the loss will become law. The country will have to answer. ”

‘We have legislated. I want to say that today the nation through this House so great, why do not you, will return you to the rights of the poor. I’m not going to turn back from this path. Natural resources in the country, lack of human resources was not a right but a class robs people I was born. Not reached the country at the height. ‘Say this about Apojisn Geo said. And he said, holding agency, he can talk.

  1. The Prime Minister told the budget change the date?

He said, “It was a discussion that is why the budget was presented early. India is an agricultural nation. Our entire economy is based on agriculture trade. Much of the agricultural situation is revealed by Diwali. The difficulty of our country that are running on the legacy left by the British. May we get across to the budget process. After the June rains came. The budget can not be used for three months. When working time is left. So when it comes time to work in a hurry, are from December to March. ‘

Narendra Modi Speech
Narendra Modi Speech

” The budget was presented before 5 pm. This occurs because of the time according to the UK Budget presented here were British. Then hold down the clock time of the London shows. That showed, because many people do not come to understand many things. ‘Modi to Congress members laughed.

He added, ‘When Vajpayee government when it came time changed. When your (UPA) government had formed the committee, then you did. When you wanted to change. We got the proposal of your time. You could not. Your Prayaeriti was different. You should say proudly. Take advantage of our time was not. ”

‘Railways also understand that 90 years ago when the budget comes to a point, then the mode of transportation was the railway. Transportation is a major necessity today. There are several modes. Gudaji first budget said that there were 1,500 announcements. Were announced to keep people happy. 1500 announcements on paper was liberating. Such things used to suit the bureaucracy. We closed it. ”

  1. Referring to the emergency shed Mallikarjun Kharge

He said, “We know that the mood of manpower is something else. Mallikarjunji were telling us yesterday that Congress is pleased that democracy is left still and you could become the Prime Minister. Wow! Pronounced lion. ”

” On the very big favor Aapane country that saved democracy. How many of you great people. But the party knows very well the country’s democracy. Laektntr has been completed for a family hurt. ‘

Narendra Modi Speech-mallikarjun
Narendra Modi Speech-mallikarjun

”75 The period of emergency were imposed on the country, India has made the prison. Jayaprakash Babu was jailed leaders, including the millions. The newspapers were locked. He was not aware that what is manpower. Despite many efforts to crush democracy, the power of the manpower that democracy was established. The strength of the strength that poor mother’s son could become the Prime Minister. ‘

  1. The answer given was their top offensive remarks

Modi said, ‘Champaran Satyagraha centenary year. If society does not inspire in the history books. In every age it is necessary to live and learn the history. At that time we were or were not used or were not even our dog … the dog can Awraen. … We are not dogs brought up in the tradition. ‘

‘But the rank-class people were, the Congress party was not born. The country’s 1857 war of independence fought by the people, by playing life. All fought together. Sect was the difference. Kamal was still, even today, is the lotus. ‘

Please tell the Congress went to Modi’s remarks yesterday about the ‘dog’ was the word used. The term was unceremoniously dumped speaker proceedings. He added, ‘We were not even at the time, but we have had the privilege of living for the country.’ ‘

  1. They left a subsidy

-modi Said, ” Shastri had his dignity. It was war. India had a sense of victory. Shastri spoke discard food. Most governments recognize the public power left. That is the biggest concern for democracy. Normal person like me who had told him things-things can afford, they leave the gas subsidy. ‘

Narendra Modi Speech
Narendra Modi Speech

” 2014 was a party contesting the issue that 9 or 12 will give the cylinder. We said let afford the subsidies. Nothing was said. 1 crore 20 lakh people of the country came forward to leaving the gas subsidy. ‘

  1. dig at Congress and Bhagwant Mann

Modi said there was a parallel economy. Typically though, you (Congress), the notice said. When Indira Gandhi was, they were then Yashwantrao Chavan. Then what Indira Gandhi told an election fight. Your decision was not wrong, but you were afraid of elections. How do you run a country? ”

Modi said the opposition had accepted the principle of Charvaka. Charvaka had saying ‘turnover Jivet, Jivet Cookham. Hrinn Kritwa, Gritn Pivet ‘. Live happily until the live, borrow and drink ghee. The sages spoke drink ghee. At that time, there were probably Bhagwant Mann. Not so, says something to drink. ‘

  1. What sin did you know, he was not able to leave

Modi said the rule is linked to the strength of the policies. Therefore, in our country need to understand the work culture. If we say anything, you say that this was our time. So I Saecha and play on it. Come and enjoy playing in your field. ”

Mahabharata Modi hit out at the opposition, referring to a verse. Said, ‘What is religion, then you know it, but she was not the trend. What is iniquity, even auto-know, but it was not your ability to quit. ”

modi parliament speech
modi parliament speech

” Since 2007, I heard all the election meetings, saying that your leader Rajiv Gandhi Computer revolutionized. Today I am saying when mobile phone use may be banking network only where you are saying that mobile. Explain what you want? ‘

” If 40 per cent have mobile connectivity towards the modern system they should not try? Today one ATM takes to handle an average of 5 policemen. Currency to move from place to place considerable costs. Therefore, people who can connect to digital currency, they add. ‘

” You oppose Modi, no problem. Your job, too. should do. But who is going to work well, give him a boost. ”

11 months after such a speech in Parliament

The last time he spoke in Parliament in March last year in the budget session. The debate on the motion of thanks on the President’s address in the Lok Sabha while replying to a dig at Rahul was tight. Some people had said, but it’s not growing either increasing age. Understanding them is late. Some things do not understand, even after the passage of time. He spoke in that speech was 70 minutes. 88 minute speech he gave in Parliament on Tuesday. This is by far the longest speech he was inside Parliament.




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