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Shashikala have 5 Challenge to Solve, nine months in Tamil Nadu will be the third CM

shashikala tamilnadu cm

New CM of Tamil Nadu Shashikala Natarajan said. Just two months after the death of her AIADMK legislature party meeting Sunday he was elected leader. Then the current CM Panneerselvam sent his resignation to the Governor. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister will be the third in the 9 months. Shashikala video parlor run ever since CM has selected the long trip, but many of them could challenge. They are not popular like her. Public support is not like him. Not only that, but she had to take charge of poisoning.

shashikala tamilnadu cm
shashikala tamilnadu cm
  1. She is not as popular, so more difficult

The plus point is just to be close to Shashikala Jaya. Jaya political tricks as they do not have the mass appeal and Stetsmanship. Villages and the poor is very low face value. Election workers will be extremely difficult tuning. Shashikala Thevar community which is huge vote bank. Panneerselvam are also Thevar. Shashikala less benefit.

  1. The election will impede the schism

Shashikala had earlier power centers. Legislators do not want elections now. He is not yet winning face. But after 3½ years elections. Thambidurai, Panneerselvam, VS Chandralekha big face can revolt. This is possible under the leadership of Jane’s cousin Deepa open new fronts.

  1. 45-year-old third party will be able to become the leader?

62 days after the death of Jane rose to the pinnacle of power Shashikala. 13 months after the death of MGR Jaya party was the biggest post. MGR, the AIADMK, the DMK had separated in 1972. Dae are leaders. MGR and Jaya. Shashikala now the third largest party, will face 45 years later. But like MGR and Jaya will increase his political stature.

shashikala tamilnadu cm-jallalita1
shashikala tamilnadu cm-jallalita1
  1. Avoid negative image among voters, was never accused of poisoning

Shashikala two decades she lived like a shadow. But in 2011 her husband was accused Shashikala Natarajan CM slow poison to try to kill her.

Jayalalithaa expelled Shashikala and their home. This isolation lasted 100 days. Shashikala’s apologies as she embraced her friend again. She died when the lamp with the Last Rites Shashikala nephews played. CM appeared closer to Amma Shashikala Panneerselvam instead. Tighten the image among voters.

  1. DMK direct fight against Stalin and the challenge from BJP

Working to Shashikala DMK president MK Stalin will hit hard by. Stalin said Shashikala against the will of the people has become the chief minister. Public or Jayalalithaa, Shashikala do not like someone.

Shashikala challenge may come from BJP. By becoming part of the CM Panneerselvam was fine, but to embarrass the BJP may become CM of Shashikala. After the death of her AIADMK, BJP was hoping that they can easily in your court.

I will fulfill the dreams of Amma – Shashikala

Shashikala elected legislature party leader told IANS that the party general secretary and Panneerselvam I first was asked to assume the post of CM.

Shashikala said: “Then Amma (Jayalalitha) had passed and I was not in a mental state that can hear the matter. The party leaders say, I took over the post of General Secretary.”

“Then they started saying that the general secretary and chief cadres, must be the same person. I’ve accepted it.”

“I will fulfill the dreams of Amma and I assure that it will work for the good of the poor.” He said, “When the party went through tough times and difficulties in staying CM Amma came, took our beloved brother Panneerselvam honestly.”

shashikala tamilnadu cm-jaylalita
shashikala tamilnadu cm-jaylalita

Who is Shashikala ?

Born in Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu village Shashikala Mannargudi childhood was like to watch movies instead of going to school.

Parents. M. Natarajan was married. The CM MG Ramachandran Natarajan (MGR), considered close to the IAS and the Deputy Commissioner VS Chandralekha Cuddalore were the PRO.

Video parlors ran

Shashikala video parlor opened in the early 80s. They were recording video at weddings. Meanwhile, the political arena Mgr She was preparing to give a big responsibility.

She wanted to make a video of Shashikala. He used to meet her husband’s boss Chandralekha. During the shooting of her Shashikala took care of every little or big thing. Gradually, she began to believe the Shashikala.

Assuming flashed election fund

During the 1991 election campaign funds from deposits held by job Shashikala. They were seen with her at every rally.

Jayalalithaa’s overwhelming election victory. Then Shashikala husband, two nephews Bhaskaran, Sudhakaran and 5 other relatives lived in Jayalalithaa’s Poes Garden house. After that Jayalalithaa without Shashikala’s permission could not find any.

Shashikala’s nephew’s wedding at the Jaya had spent 100 million

Experts also say that as a result of the impact of Shashikala Jayalalithaa’s foster son Sudhakaran made. Sudhakaran’s wedding in 1995, she said Rs 100 crore. Spent.



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