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Began in the US on immigration ban by Trump said: Priyanka Chopra, “It affected me to the”

Priyanka Chopda trump law

Hollywood’s top actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ashton Katsar, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, John Legend and others, and Golden Glob Award by the American president to speak against Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is now the name of the artists has been added. President Donald Trump, she imposed a temporary ban on the immigration have criticized him and said, “It has affected me greatly.” Trump on Friday signed an executive order for 120 days in the US have banned the entry of refugees, while an indefinite ban on the entry of Syrian refugees. Muslim-majority countries, under the command of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen coming from citizens were barred entry into the US for 90 days.

After Trump decision  Linkdin Chopra wrote a powerful post. In this post, she wrote emotional, “Being a global citizen is also impressed me. The ‘restricted’ country place where UNICEF is running a lot of work, where children are suffering the most. ” She wrote, “In the US, a country that is considered to be made up by immigrants. The US State Department imposed sanctions on the 90 days of anger, disappointment and helplessness I understand is coming and within a global citizen is affected by it. ”

priyanka chopda trump law
priyanka chopda trump law

He wrote, “What we can change tomorrow’s headlines? Maybe in a day or a year or a few years, not because it is a long war. But we should be trying to create a world where children’s rights to be protected. It is not an option. ”

She did not just himself against it, but others have asked to raise their voice against it. Trump Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie criticized the move, saying that closing the door to refugees or secure the US will not be discriminated against.


UN High Commissioner for Refugees since 2012, Jolie also written for The New York Times said in an editorial that the refugee policy should be based on facts, not fear, because those “men, women and children are caught in the trauma of war ‘ and they themselves are victims of terrorism. Trump without naming the new ruling, he wrote to friends in the US shock ‘



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