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You spoke the worse: Australian PM’s phone cut Trump saying

donlad trump call

Donald Trump World leaders these days are talking on the phone. The conversation is so much discussion because they are behaving out of the box. It is being said that during talks with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Trump abruptly hung up. Conversation between the two was scheduled for an hour, but 25 minutes was not. Trump said that until now all the leaders had spoken to them, you have the worst dialogue. Please tell the US Earlier, Australia is considered a good friend.

According to the Washington Post reports, Trump and Refugee Deal talks between Turnbull was Saturday. According to the deal, Australia 1,250 refugees living in a detention center was to the US. Turnbull spoke of the same conversation. Trump said in reply, “It is by far the worst deal.”

donlad trump call
donlad trump call

Trump said he Turnbull, accusing the Boston bomb attack next to those who are trying to export to the US. Conversation between the two leaders was scheduled for an hour, but 25 minutes later, the phone suddenly hung Trump. Trump Turnbull told you before I spoke to the leaders of the four countries. These include leaders such as Vladimir Putin, but these were the worst yet to negotiate with you.


Trump tweeted questions were raised on the deal

Trump tweeted on the issue Wednesday. It wrote, “you will be able to bet on it? The Obama Administration from Australia to America illegally to thousands of refugees had agreed. I will study in-depth at the worst deal.”

Australia’s PM said after the conversation?

Turnbull said that even though the President Trump spoke rudely with them on the phone, but the US detention center before the 1250 Australian has expressed commitment to approved refugees.

donlad trump call-tweet
donlad trump call-tweet

What is the matter of refugees?

Australia is such a policy from another country prevents the entry of refugees by boat. Australian refugee detention center which exist, most of them had come from Iran or Iraq.

The two Muslim countries are among the seven countries that have banned the entry of 90 days at the Trump. These refugees to enter the US Obama Administration Agreement with the Australian government said. Obama was endorsed on why these people to enter, Trump has raised the same question.

US media said?

The New York Times wrote after the phone call between Trump and Australian Prime diplomatic conflict between the two countries are prone to. Both the Refugee Policy have used harsh words about each other.


The Washington Post wrote that Trump’s behavior indicates that they are world leaders the ability to speak in front of the crackling, even if they are not even the leaders of US allies. Twitter through their speech and constant political opponents and media organizations are brought to justice.

If trump don’t get back their order than I will take legal action : Apple CEO Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s immigration policy have questioned Donald Trump. Cook said: “Trump’s executive order intake is affecting their Employees. I am thinking about taking legal action against it.” Before Google CEO Sundar Pichai also have trump criticize order.

donlad trump call-apple ceo
donlad trump call-apple ceo

Cook said, according to The Wall Street Journal reported, “Trump immigration ban is affecting Employees, my. I hope that this order will take back the White House. But if it does not, then our company protest will be in court. ”

Cook also said that they also had talks with senior officials of the White House. Although he did not clarify what his officers had spoken to. Please tell the leaders of tech companies, including Trump Cook said in December that he would call them personally.

What is the situation?

Microsoft, Amazon and withdraw orders for companies like Expedia Washington Attorney General has filed a case against. Google to fight against the ban has been declared a fund. “Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, the order announced to non-US Calling everyone is suffering. Many large technology companies, including Apple, many people work in the Muslim countries.

What is the order of Trump?

Trump 7 Muslim countries, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen spoke about banning people from. White House Chief of Staff of the Rins Preebs said, “We have selected these 7 countries have a special reason. Congress and the Obama Administration, both of these 7 countries had identified that there be dangerous terrorist actions, Used to be.”



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