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Akhilesh 5th stage started preaching, someone logged trees confidence-no pink, no ‘Ashok’ scare

Uttarpradesh Politic

Akhilesh Yadav on his election campaign on Tuesday launched the fifth phase election from Sultanpur. Western experts say that in the first phase polls in UP, but astrology ‘direction prong rule Tuesday in the west do not travel for the good work. It also says that in 2012 started preaching here Akhilesh came to power. Since his first election rally on Tuesday right here. Even if the election is in the fifth phase. The fifth phase of elections on February 27, while the first phase of elections are due on February 11.

Uttarpradesh Politic
Uttarpradesh Politic

In this regard Yogeshwaranand Baba says, ” according to the direction in coil spike if the sum of Tue Tue in the east is going to work and then the native Venus or Mercury in the horoscope on Sunday to go to west work will succeed. ‘

Similarly, the BJP office in Lucknow, a very old tree fell in the storm, people are happy. It was superstition that the tree in front of the assembly does not have the party backward. Congress office is the illusion that there is a Panting president leaves his chair. Mahabir Prasad in 1992, 1995 ND Tiwari, Salman Khurshid in 1998 and 2012, all panting after Rita Joshi was removed. The illusions of the Congress office Ashoka trees are cut larger. In this regard, a Congress worker said, ‘This is the largest number of people were also our partner, he said the Ashoka tree from the roof of the building is considered to be high when these very ill.’

Similarly Chittu Pandey Junge fought freedom and independence from the British, by the people’s government Ballia had made. But the illusion that the leader put a wreath at his statue will be the chair. Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi statue, unveiled the statue garlanded culled … then he was killed. Gels Singh garlands they had a heart attack. In this case, according to a local resident of Ballia, ‘Pandey Chittu of every child to have such admiration but superstition is not to enroll any therefrom. If a political party does not attend his party’s program because of good when working people do not like coming and going from there. ”

Uttarpradesh Politic-starcast
Uttarpradesh Politic-starcast

Noida is the case of some. The most spectacular part of the state, but do not go for 27 years, Noida, Uttar Pradesh CM. Lucknow Noida from all the openings. In 1989, ND Tiwari moved the same chair. Rajnath Singh in 2001 inaugurated the flyover Noida from Delhi ends. Nithari case in 2006 was chief minister Mulayam Singh … movement. The government has not shaken but Noida. In 2011, he also took her Noida chair.

She always wears off white and pink are just happy occasion. Good and bad, but add to it and says something he means it. In this connection, BSP supremo Mayawati said, ‘This is my own pink color is a little something that he shines. Bit bright. The more light comes in. I like pink color in our society want to make him happy. Want in their life that is as bright pink blooms have … … I mean the society which all society is also in bloom. ‘

Uttarpradesh Politic-sp
Uttarpradesh Politic-sp

MLA Mukhtar Ansari strongman of their vehicles so that number 786 are to be secured. Congress leader Pramod Tiwari your cellphone and car number are 7000. Wash with soap every day and every day of different colors according to the color of the dress that day. In this regard, MP Pramod Tiwari said, “Monday is the day White. Tue Day is orange. Green day is Wednesday. Friday is white and wearing white kurta pajamas that you can wear any color Sdri. ‘

However, it does not believe it is superstition. He was not even close to superstition Lucomman Hakim treat … for those who believe that part of their life.

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Akhilesh Yadav Election Campaign
Akhilesh Yadav on his election campaign on Tuesday launched the fifth phase election from Sultanpur
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