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Jallikattu had violent agitation in Chennai: Marina Beach police set fire to campus

jallikattu violation

Jallikattu (bull to control) movement is so violent. Some of Marina Beach Ice House on Monday set fire to the police station. The violent clashes were reported from Madurai. Earlier in the morning the police were very difficult to remove people from the Marina Beach. Also dropped a baton charge and tear gas. But people did not. Many were threatened suicide. However, coming all the way to the beach were closed. Please tell the Marina Beach on thousands of protesters are frozen for about a week.

Monday afternoon after police Skta people were furious. Marina Beach campus of the Ice House police station in a group of arson. The Ginn badly burned about 25 vehicles. There were clashes between the police and these people. 20 policemen were injured in stone pelting.

jallikattu violation-chennai
jallikattu violation-chennai

However, given the large number of demonstrations in Madurai Alnganllur police force has been deployed. The police tried to remove people. Several people were injured during the clash. Kiakkoynnbtur people also threw stones at the police arrested 100 people. The clash broke.

The Virginia-based PETA’s headquarters in Washington and the US also performed by the Tamil community.

Told police forcibly removed people will jump into the sea

Marina Beach in Chennai on Monday morning, state police deployed in large numbers. Police tried to forcibly remove. It had some success. But the police could not completely empty. Monday morning, police appealed to the people to go home. Police say that in many areas of the state organizes Jallikattu is to no purpose now is to perform. But protesters have rejected an appeal by the police.

jallikattu violation-police lathicharge
jallikattu violation-police lathicharge

7 days, people have been agitating on Marina Beach. They say that the government in this case extracted permanent solution. Six months after the notification is canceled. Please tell the Supreme Court stating Jallikattu cruelty to animals, this game was banned in 2014. Start the game to make public pressure brought on January 21, the Governor of the State Government Ordinance was approved by Vidya Sagar Rao.

The Boycott DMK

TN assembly session began on Monday. Action began to boycott the DMK. Jallikattu bill could be tabled in the House. DMK leader MK Stalin said Jallikattu Supporters of the police force is not good to use. We condemn it.

 In many parts the Jallikattu, 2 dead

After 3 years in many districts in Tamil Nadu on Sunday to Jallikattu been organizes. During the event in the village of the district Rpusl Puddukotti 2 people were killed, while 129 people were injured.

Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare in the village Rpusl. C. Vijaya Bhaskar game had begun. More than 5,000 people gathered to watch it. Chennai, Alnglur, Madurai and other places, is still prostate. In Madurai, a man was killed during the protest. O CM. Inauguration of the game without Alnglur Panneerselvam in left Chennai.

jallikattu violation-dead people
jallikattu violation-dead people

Jallikattu game Trichy districts and villages Puddukotti happened. 174 Bull in the event in the village Rpusl Tamrs (bulls trainers) participated. The 210 people on bulls tried to overcome.

Chennai, Alnganllur, Madurai and other places people foiled the government’s plan to Jallikattu. These places continue to protest. People said they would issue permanent solution. Please tell the state government said that the CM will Inauguration of Jallikattu in Alnglur Panneerselvam Sunday. But they can not do because of opposition Paa.ne Jallikattu Supporters said the use of force is not right. We condemn it.

Chennai Marina beach center of the movement to 7 days

Chennai’s Marina Beach is still at the center of the movement. Continued movement of the last 7 days. 2 million people have accumulated there. Students who perform at Marina Beach, lawyers, actors, artists, and IT professionals are involved. He has refused to end the protest ban until the delisting.



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