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Trump to become president of India 3 advantages, disadvantages remain in PAK: Expert

Donald Trump said on Friday sworn in as America’s 45th president. His foreign policy is not yet clear. However, experts believe that will improve their administration and the US relationship with India. It would benefit India. During the election campaign, the true friend of India and the Hindus have told the White House. Experts believe that they can take a tough stance on Pakistan, which India can benefit.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
  1. Modi’s fan

On October 16, 2016 Trump said, “I am excited to work with Narendra Modi. He has worked with the bureaucracy reform is quite energy. They have great character. I appreciate that.” It is believed that he lived in such a relationship with India and want to get better.

  1. Indians have told true friend

Speech given at the time of the election campaign, he was all praise for the Indian and Hindu. The Trump said, “If I make the president of the US, Indian and Hindu community will be a true friend of the White House. I am a fan of India and Hinduism’s great.”

  1. The work of the Indian-American convincing

Trump Indians living in the US are raving about work. He said in his speech, “I believe India is tremendous. Indian and Hindu-American generation has strengthened our country, you are diligent in your education and enterprise development is the reality of our country.”

donald trump-indo-us
donald trump-indo-us

These 2 things in favor of India

  1. H-1B visas will not expect leniency

Trump said he would tighten rules for H-1B visas. Visa fee increase. Have also said that they will not rise American Citizenship. Jae rules now in the US is born, he is considered American citizens. If Trump stood his ground so there is bound to problems of Indians.


  1. Finding a job can be a problem in the US, Indians

Trump after becoming president in US jobs to another country people can be difficult. During the election campaign, he said, “you can not accept such policies, China, Mexico, Japan and India are accepted. You can not apply such policies to the US for jobs that are going to use.”

India accompanied by the necessary

The US needs India, America needs more than that of India. Are seeking to carry out foreign policy like Trump, with India in the Asia and Europe will be needed. Trump it would not take any step which Bigden the US relationship with India.

 Pakistan will be on strict, India will benefit

Pakistan’s Press Information Bureau recently issued Reedauts. They were told about the culinary trump positive. Muslims and Pakistan over the election campaign, he said things were the same, they had some reality. It grants leniency for Trump Pakistan are giving him a chance to improve. No weapons or financial support to Pakistan, he still has not promised. I have strict stance towards Pakistan if Trump will benefit India.



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