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After spending 1000 Cr MH-370 off exploring, 3 years ago was missing plane



Nearly three years after spending more than Rs 1,000 crore efforts and missing Malaysian plane MH 370 closed the search operation. Search crews find plane deeply into the Indian Ocean made attempts but got no clue. Australia, Malaysia and China, the government said on Tuesday that the search operation has been closed to get any result.

Australia became the Joint Agency Coordination Centre said: “The search operation has been officially closed since the 1.2 million square kilometer area in search of it in spite of the plane did not gain anything.”

Center, in a statement said, “the best technology in the world, despite the persistence of Science and Haili skilled professionals we were unable to find the plane. The decision to stop the search operation has been taken with great regret.”


“Search operation involving officials in recent research to new areas, I suggested, but the Australian government did not fix it.”

“To fund the operation of the three countries agreed on the fact that the plane would not have a specific location, for him to be stopped.”

“So far there is no technology that can tell these Investigetrs plane where you are. In these circumstances, the most expensive in aviation history and eliminate Peencida search operation should be considered.”


Funding was expected, it was not

It was expected that a search operation for donor funding, or is Praived Malaysian government will fund new, but it did not happen. Funding is believed to be extremely low, its expected that the biggest secret of aviation history will be left unresolved. Officials with the beginning of the operation of the aircraft, I was in the wrong areas. And, the 239 families of those killed in the accident is the result of these extremely bitter.

239 people had been killed, angry family members

MH 370 Malaysian citizen at the time of the accident, the mother of Nathan Graham was on the plane. Graham said: “The plane disappeared since the discovery of the results are disappointing. We had thought that he will continue to search.”


Graham said: “The search team had discovered it in the 1.2 million square kilometers and 25 thousand square kilometers in search of what’s the problem?” Indeed, in December, the Transport Bureau to review some data after 25 thousand square km. I had proposed the new area.

According to the Transport Bureau, “Circulation, some new information about the fall of the aircraft have been reported. These are the indications are that the search zone in the north, I should be.” However, the Australian government has rejected the demand and said that the research analysis is so precise that if I continued.

MH 370 claims received 20 pieces of

March 8, 2014 on the way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines MH 370 missing 239 passengers. MH 370 victims of plane crash in the Indian Ocean was an unfamiliar area. The aircraft most travelers from China, Australia and Malaysia were.

Search of aircraft in operation in the Indian Ocean around 20 pieces from different places of the extract was claimed. Some pieces from the east coast of Africa was also claimed to find. However, it could not be proved. India also had teams in the search operation.



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