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Donald Trump told NATO unnecessary Organization, 27 countries angry


Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s three days left to become US president. January 20, the US will become the 45th president. But their protest outside the US and is intensified. Trump gave interviews to major newspapers in Europe on Monday. The NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the unwarranted decision of refugees raised. All 27 member countries of NATO have expressed concern about it. The Chinese media that he is threatened by the “One China policy” not to try to reverse.

donald trump NATO1
donald trump NATO1

Merkel said, “We do not need America. Europe would take care of my own.” Trump on January 20, is to be sworn in. According to official estimates, it will be 8 to 9 million people. Will remain closed all major way. But it can not say how many of them will trump the pro and anti-how. American activist John Lewis, civil rights activist remarks against angry. However, 18 Democrat MPs have announced to boycott the oath ceremony.

In an interview with The Times about what Trump said?

Russia: Nuclear arms reduction agreements, including the great will. Russia is affected by the ban. See how you can benefit from?

Bregjit: Britain’s very smart decision.

Britain-US trade: for trade deals, we will do it rapidly.

Angela Merkel: good leader, but the millions of refugees made the wrong decision to come to Germany.

European Union: it is originally of Germany. Angry on the issue of refugees should leave it to other countries.

NATO: it has been unnecessary, but for me is very important. The other members must also pay their share.

Iran nuclear deal: I’ve ever seen the agreement, most of them mute agreement.

Iraq War: It’s like throwing rocks at a beehive.


Obama rewarded: Trump said, do not reduce

So far, Barack Obama, who opposed Trump fell Monday.The candidates are highly modified Trump. Do not think any less of them. They are going to be the country’s 45th president. Earlier, Obama had said during the campaign that Trump are not fit to be president and commander-in-chief. Obama was campaigning for his party’s candidate Hillary Clinton. Hillary lost. Obama on January 20, will retire now.

donald trump NATO
donald trump NATO

CIA Chief’s Warning: Keep control over your statements Trump

The CIA chief John Brennan told Trump that he should keep control on their statements. Additionally, the removal of the ban imposed against Russia should remain alert. Brennan “Fox News Sunday” Trump told the message to the world is the way, that they do not rely on their country’s intelligence agency.

Trump said France will respond to Europe’s solidarity

Trump was unnecessary and that the NATO member countries to give money to the US in exchange for help. This has angered the NATO member countries. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Stenmeyr said Trump’s statement shocked the entire Europe. Stenmeyr NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on the issue met in Brussels on Monday. Stoltenberg said he had confidence in Europe’s obligations towards the US. French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc said Aarau “Trump’s statement is the best answer to the solidarity of Europe.”



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